Comprehensive Mapping of the LV Summit

Speaker: Andrea d'Avilia

Cornonary Venous Guidewire Mapping Identifying Optimal Ablation Sites

Speaker: Fermin Garcia

 Intramyocardial RFA Using Intracoronary Wire Mapping

Speaker: Kalyanam Shivkumar

Coronary Venous Alcohol Ablation

Speaker: Migeul Valderrabano

Irrigated Needle Ablation for Outflow-Tract PVCs

Speaker: Srinivas Dukkipati

Surprises from Intramural Needle Ablation

Speaker: William Stevenson

Coronary Venous Mapping to Facilitate Substrate Characterization and Ablation of Intramural Ventricular Arrhythmias- The 5th Dimension

2018 VT Summit Fellows Abstract Competition

Speaker: David F_ BriceƱo-